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another adidas ultra boost with cookies and cream colors just released if you happened to miss out on last months cookies and creamonline ultra boost, well then you are in luck, as the three stripes has another pair right around the corner. previewed twice back in april, this latest gl3 is mostly black suede and mesh, adding some tan leather to the tiger stripes and a bit of rusty orange to round out the dark autumnal palette. another look at the adidas yeezy sply boost 350 v2 back in june we offered you an exclusive look at the black white colorway of the next adidas yeezy boost release. another interesting note is that the sample tag lining the interior of the shoe designates this a collezione sample did jordan brand pass on another collezione style release in 2018 weve got a gallery of images below so check out the unreleased air jordan sample below and see what the final selling price was by hitting up the auction from oregonsole on ebay. another look at drake s air jordan 3 6ix pe this gold pair of air jordan 3s for jordan brand family member drake is of course related to his toronto home fake kelly bag paypal
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